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Adding Fall Colors to Your Modern Design


Fall Leaves 1 1152x864

The colors of fall are perfect for accentuating modern design. The warm colors of the autumn season complement the clean, fresh look of modern furniture like a clear blue sky against fall foliage. There are many ways to bring the warm and inviting nature of fall colors into your home. Reds, oranges, yellows, and browns all come together to set an energetic, yet earthy tone. Pair fall colors with modern design on your walls, floors, ceilings and everything in between to create a hip and welcoming atmosphere. 

Walls: muted orange tones are a great choice for paint colors. Orange is often thought of as a loud color, but lovers of modern design know and appreciate the soft side of this notoriously daring color.  Consider highlighting just one wall with a not-too-bright orange or rust shade to warm your décor and set the mood of your interior.

Implement some fall colored artwork that features deep oranges and reds. Wooden art pieces also look great amongst a fall color pallet and deliver an organic feel.

orange paintImage Via

Floors: Area rugs are great for warming up an interior and selecting one with a fall color palette will further the effect. You can use a simple, solid color rug like Surya’s Aros rust colored rug for a minimalist look or choose an intricate pattern that boasts an ultra modern tone. The Forum squared chain rug contains all the colors of fall and a touch of light blue for balance and texture.

Ceilings: A soft, golden light to illuminate your interior will reinforce the comfortable, joyful feeling of a golden autumn afternoon. Elegant lamps illuminating from above can make all the difference. The Aura pendant lamp will fit right in with a warm, fall color scheme.

Modern design also allows for contrasting warm colors with crisp and clean accessories like a Fernando floor lamp. This clear colored arch light will function as a lamp as well as a sleek accent piece to balance your warm color scheme.

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Furniture: When your walls, floors, and ceilings are all decked out in fall colors then you have two options regarding the direction you take with your furnishings:
You can contrast the look with white furniture upholstered in fabric to reinforce the warm atmosphere. The Loft Modular sectional in white, for instance, will distinguish itself from your fall color scheme while providing an interesting balance. However, it is also available in several fall colors if you wish to use modern design to replicate the tableau of autumn splendor within your own home. 

For that matter, quintessential red and orange furniture are a staple of modern design and will flow right along with your fall foliage inspired theme. For example, the Dublexo Deluxe sofa or Arturo lounge chair are perfect fall colored furnishings. And for a combination of fall colors, a balancing neutral white, and the ultimate modern design element, consider an Orbit lounge chair with red upholstery.

Wooden accent table with soft edges, like Innovation Livings Grid tables, will deliver an earthy tone that will really make your room inviting and a testament to the cozy fun of fall.

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Accessories: To finish off your look, don’t forget to choose accessories that feature fall colors as well. Table lamps, clocks, and picture frames are just a few things that you can search for when adding fall colors to your modern design.

When decorating with the colors of autumn, remember to mix up the shades a bit. For instance, a brown couch with a mix of bright and subdued yellow, red, or orange throw pillows can emulate the diverse and lively color palette of a majestic fall tree all year round. Have fun decorating with fall colors remembering that with nature as your inspiration there is no right or wrong way to play with color when your resources are beautiful.


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